Friday, March 29, 2013

Trust and talent

I apologize now if this post seems short.

I never tire of the parallels between my relationship with my children and my relationship with God. So often I scold my kids for something then as soon as the words have left my mouth I think about how I am towards God, my father.

In this entry I want to share with you one of the lessons I learn while trying to teach my children.

My daughter is amazing. She has a pure heart, and a passion for God. She can be a goofball and I love it. Today though, she broke my heart a little.

Lately she's been trying her hand at a little of everything, and just can't find where she excels. She came to me broken hearted and crying wanting to know what her talent was. She wanted to know why she had no special talent. She wanted to know why she couldn't run fast, go across monkey bars, or write songs like she wanted to. In her heart these are important to her. She wanted to know why she wasn't naturally good at these things.
What am I good at? What are my talents? These were the questions she was asking.

From my perspective, as her parent, I can see her talents. I can watch her grow every day and see the ways she is growing. I can see how good her heart is. I can see her kindness. I can see so many talents she has. She is amazing with young children. Yet, she cannot see these things. I try to praise her and show her what a great person God is making her into. Yet, she cannot see these things.

In the end we talked, prayed and cried. I gave her glimpses of what I see, and assured her we all feel like this at some time.

Now, after I was done talking to my daughter, I had a thought. How many times have we sat there, convinced God has no way to use us? Convinced we have no talents? Convinced that We feel as nobody has felt before? Many times.

I know for me, it has been just within the past couple years that I feel I'm finding my talents. So many times, God tried to show me what my talents were. But,they weren't what I wanted them to be, so I dismissed them. Are we open to what God's will is? Or are we convinced the things we want are better?

The older I get the more I realize what a wide range of talents there are and how they are all equally important. When I was young, if I didn't have a popular, well known, or huge wasn't a talent.

Our talents and gifts can change with time. Or God may not be ready to reveal them to us because he's still helping to equip us to use our talent. Whatever the case, we have to have faith that he can see us in a way we cannot understand. God really does love us with an immeasurable love.

What is your gift? Will you trust God to reveal it when the time is right? Will you trust you are worth more than you know? My daughter had to trust me, that I can see her talents, and her worth more than she can. I have to do the same, and trust God. Will you?

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