Monday, December 21, 2015

The Plan

       In response to my post from yesterday, I thought today I would focus on giving everyone a glimpse of what our plans (dreams) are. Some people have questioned whether or not this truly is our intention. I assure you, we could not be more determined.  You have to have goals. Our primary goal is to save souls, as every Christian's goal should be. Our goals are at the mercy of the will of our Lord. We want to do his will, not ours.

        Right now we are planning on moving to Taylor, Michigan just outside of Dearborn. Our target moving date will be in April 2016. We have plans to sell our house and most of our belongings before or shortly after the move. For the start we will be living with my parents (in Taylor) which will be a wonderful financial advantage for starting out.

        We will be worshiping and working with the Sunset church of Christ in Taylor, MI. Please check out their website for details on their good works. This congregation has a ministry to the Muslim community up and running, headed up by a wonderful man named Wissam.  A major part of the work we will be involved in is teaching Arabic men and women to read and speak English. This is a wonderful way to build relationships. You can read about Wissam's efforts in the Christian Chronicle publication. I could fill pages with my admiration for Wissam and his desire to share the gospel, but my words would fall short and not do justice. I will try to find a link to the article featuring his work for the Lord and post it here. Until then you can "google it". ;-)

        While we are there we will be working on several levels. Long term, we want to help plant a congregation in Dearborn, MI. In the meantime we plan to build relationships with the Muslim community and work with the ministry already started. While all of this is happening my husband plans to get a degree in biblical studies.

        This is by no means the entirety of our plan. This is simply to offer you a glimpse of our intentions. We are working with our home congregation (East Allen County Church of Christ) as well as Sunset Church of Christ to get details worked out. As more details become available I will happily update my blog. Andrew and I also plan on opening a (joint) Facebook account within a couple weeks so we can better inform everyone of our journey to follow where God leads. Oh, don't worry, you'll still get the gory details on my blog as well as the occasional dose of humor. I'm sure you were worried about that (can you feel the sarcasm??).

        I pray that God will bless you all. We're in this together.


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  1. Will be praying so very fervently for you as you begin putting this all into place!


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