Saturday, August 18, 2012

And now for something completely different...

I'm writing this from my phone (as I do all my posts because this is my only Internet), so I am HOPING it holds it's format. If I'd doesn't, I'll try to correct it Monday.

Once in a while I might post a poem of sorts that I wrote. Today is one of those days. I hope you find something in it to lift you up.

All around I compare and see,
All of those that are better than me.

"Don't compare!" assure me the best.
Then they turn with pride, and run with the rest.

"Give me praise!" they shout but don't speak.
Not bothering to encourage those trying, and weak.

An unlikely one steps out and promises to achieve.
She sets up her goals and her far-fetched dreams.

The expectations for this one aren't high at all.
They wag their heads and wait for her hopes to fall.

She gropes the path, reaching for support.
"It's impossible" they say, "this scheme you must abort."

The odds are against her, taunting her steps.
Mocking, jeering, and tearing from the depths.

People come, pass on the left and the right.
Their strides come easier, it's hardly a fight.

Pity invades, and tries to take hold.
She fights her tears and tries to be steadfast and bold.

Then a glimmer, a spark, a fire ignites her heart.
She'll see it to the end, refusing to be picked apart.

Let their vanity and pride be theirs to keep.
Their pace will lesson, what they've sewn, they'll reap.

Her fight is her own, and this she well knows.
So onward she carries. Down the path she goes.

One day she'll pass some soul on this road.
SHE won't keep going, leaving them cold.

She will stop, and match the strangers pace.
For it's what ought to be done, as we all run this race.

Teaching them to quicken their step and almost fly.
Rather than leaving them hopeless with each passing by.

The day will come as she runs her Race.
There will be no shortness of breath; a new pace.

She won't have a medal or great body to show.
But she will reflect on her pace that was once so slow.

The hurt that it had caused, being left so far behind;
Made her think of others and keep them in mind.

So as we try to finish as others.
Let's make time to stop and help our brothers.

Thanks for reading. Keep on keeping on.


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  1. Beautiful, just as you are inside and out. I believe in you and am here for you for whatever you may need and whenever you may need. it. I love you so much and am so glad God placed you into my life to not only be my best friend but my sister in Christ. We literally get to be together, FOREVER! They are so gonna send us to the timeout corner when we get to Heaven for being too hyper and giggly. Can't wait to get there with you!


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