Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Uncommon, common courtesy

Lately it seems I can't turn around without hearing someone express disappointment in people letting them down. It's very discouraging to have someone say they will do something or be somewhere then they either bail at the last minute or just never show up and leave you wondering. Often times you have rearranged some part of your day to accommodate them and then things fall through. It is without a doubt one of Satan's greatest tools. Disappointment. It leads to distrust, and a selfish attitude. We put up our guards and are less likely to help others. When we start putting ourselves above those around us out of hurt or bitterness, things will fall apart. Society trains us to look out for "#1". What has happened to "common courtesy". It certainly isn't common any more. Companies promise products that deliver and and they don't. People promise to always, love, cherish, forgive, and they don't. We are left offended, hurt, and full of "why's". It wears your heart down and you may find yourself asking "whats the point"?It feels as though you are cursed and anything bad that can happen to you, will.
This line of thinking is dangerous friends. It is a trap.

First, step back. These people that disappoint us, Christ died for them too. We are told the road will be even harder if you chose to follow Christ. But, we are told the end of the road is by far the best. We are never told it will be easy, just that it will be worth it. We cannot explain why people act the way that they do. We have all done wrong (Rom 3:23). We must not start to think so highly of ourselves that we don't remember where we have come from. When we are frustrated with people and especially our Christian family, we must humble ourselves and remember that nobody is perfect and that we all need grace. Don't get caught in the phrase "I would never do that".
Now, if you know you have hurt someone, make it right. Try your best not to disappoint someone who is depending on you. Pray for those who have offended you and those you may have offended.

Finally, take heart. When it seems as though nobody keeps their word, remember our Lord. He will never let you down. He will never betray you. Even when you bail on Him at the last minute, he will be waiting for you. He doesn't walk away from us. If you feel that nobody will ever be faithful to you, remember HIS faithfulness. Who are we to be so disappointed in man? How many times have we disappointed our Lord?

When you get stood up, remember to stand up for the One who gave his life for ALL of us.

But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary of doing good. (2 Thessalonians 3:13 NASB)

Keep your chin up, we are in this together.


  1. AMEN!! Very well said, Sarah!

  2. So true sarah, I needed this tonight. I will pray about a solution.


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