Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little of this and a lot of that...

I realize it has been a couple weeks since I last posted something. It isn't that I don't have anything I want to write about. Ive been missing writing desperately. I'm just trying to find something I SHOULD write about. All I can say is right now, there is a family that needs prayers (no, I'm not talking about us). This family has been occupying my thoughts and I hurt for them. So please pray for them. God knows them, and their needs, just pray.

With that being said, I will move on.

Well, I've done it now! After another incident with my son at school, we pulled him out of the system and brought him home. The first few days, I panicked. The home school veteran in me gave way to the once dominant "What-was-I-thinking?!?' voice in my head. Doubt kept tugging at my heart.....telling me I couldn't do this. Telling me I was crazy (that one may have been right). Upon announcement of our choice I received commendation, as well as condemnation, so yet again it was confirmed that you have to make your own path and not listen to people. After I realized this, I realized that it would be ok, because God is God and if he can raise the dead he can help me do this!

With the start of the new year, I have taken on new responsibilities in many areas. Not only home schooling my son now, but many others.

Now, I want to bestow what random knowledge I have gained upon any new home schooling moms or families out there. First, I know how you feel. It is only strange if you DON'T feel over whelmed and panicked in the beginning (and even a few times throughout). Pray. There will be days when in order to save everyone's life, you will need to just step away and take a field trip to the park. You won't be perfect, which makes you perfect. You'll cry, laugh, and at times want to pull your hair out. Find what works for your family and do it. Pray. Observe other families but don't compare yours or anyone else's. Even the most organized teacher has her disorganized moments. Always take time to answer question your children ask and be flexible enough to deviate from the lesson to explore the answer they are looking for. It's ok if your kid doesn't speak 10 languages and or have the Greek alphabet memorized. Teach them how to love. Play games together. Read the bible out loud and teach them to read it quietly. Pray. Don't compare your kids with each other. Find a learning style or curriculum that suites your family. It's ok if you decided that you don't like the books you're using. There will be times when you second guess yourself....pray. Know up front that some forms of math are the devil posing as a bunch of numbers. At the end of the day write down the good. Kiss your kids. Tuck them in, pray with them, and praise God that you get to homeschool. It's going to be tough, but it will be worth it.

I am a second generation homeschooler. If you have any questions you want to throw my way or you just need a pick-me-up. I'll do what I can. The biggest things we need to remember are we are not alone. Get ready for the best and craziest time of your life.

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