Monday, December 24, 2012

The night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through my home
fevers were running and and my family was alone.
The plans we had made with family afar
Were halted at once, there was no need for the car.

The children lay restless on the couch with a frown,
They knew Santa would still visit our house, out of town.
And Papa with his laptop, and I with my phone,
Tried make sure to our family, the new plans were made known.

When out of the blue my heart started stirring.
My face grew hot and my vision was blurring.
The eyes welled up, my emotions I tried to smash.
Tears came fast, tissues filled the trash.

The light of the tree on the ones that I love,
Gave a sense of comfort that comes from above.
When what to my wondering heart should I feel,
Something unseen....and yet, very real.

In my heart I knew,this was just something small,
No need to worry, God covers it all.
More rapid than the joy, in came the shame.
Self pity had visited, and I was to blame.

No death, no tragedy, no fire, no famine,
No danger, no heartache, no hate, no salmon (I had to make you smile at some point!!!)
To the front of my mind to the brim of my soul.
Counting my blessings was filling the hole.

As crazy fast typing fingers on a blogger do fly,
So in flooded peace that I'd earlier passed by.
So up to my mind the blessings they flew,
With a praise for The Lord and all he can do.

Then on the couch, I hear a cough and a sneeze,
From both of my babies who were not at all at ease.
As I drew close to them and made not a sound,
They smiled at their comforters, our family hounds.

The oldest was dressed all in sparkles from her head to her foot,
But her smile was missing, and under her eyes, it looked like fresh soot.
To a bundle of energy,I know she'll be back,
When this has passed, for a punch it does pack.

The youngest wash laying, his spirit not merry.
His face was bright red, and he was contrary.
He had hopes of what presents would soon fill his belly,
Can you believe he actually asked Santa for pb and jelly??

They could both be a grump, not quite like theirselves,
And I hugged them and kissed them, held them close to myself.
A kiss from the left and a hug holding tight.
I knew in that moment, they would soon be alright.

They snuggled in close and their ears, they did perk,
When I mentioned that their papa had a few days off of work.
And laying back down and sniffling their noses,
They both smiled big and struck silly poses.

I know we will make it, no need fuss
Christmas will be great, because we have us.
But I will proclaim as I pray often tonight.
Thanks be to God, for making it right.

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