Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Thought on Prayer

          I have blogged about prayer a few times before. I really can't believe how often we overlook and under utilize this amazing gift. Prayer works, plain and simple. It heals, helps, and guides. It's not the prayers themselves, no. It is the one we are praying to and through that is the action behind the words.

          Some time ago I jotted down a poem about prayer. It was one of those things that just seems to come straight from your heart, without hesitation. I would like to share my poem with you now, and hope it touches your heart in some way. 

      One night I lay upon my bed,
speaking my prayer within my head.
    Letting thoughts wander and fall,
forgetting that I was speaking to God at all. 

      Snapping back to my unfinished prayers,
 I was so weary from the day with all of its cares. 
      I was too tired to speak aloud my praise
to the one that has numbered all of my days. 

      Unable to focus on what my mind tried to speak, 
without even knowing it, I drifted to sleep. 

      I saw before me a man on his knees, 
weeping and praying and begging, 'Lord, please'. 
      I thought to myself of how nice it must be, 
to have a life so easy and simply just free. 
      For how else could this man get down this way, 
Unless he had nothing better to do with his day.

       My heart was too cold to hear the words that he spoke.
   Then I looked in his eyes and his heart just...broke. 
      A friend kissed his cheek and he was soon led away, 
I started to realize who I'd just seen pray. 

     He walked to a place where he was beaten and scourged.
His flesh was torn up as he lay on the floor. 
    Then I saw him hanging on that crude, man-made tree, 
gasping, bleeding, dying, and..... Praying.....for me. 

     I fell to the ground and wept bitter tears, 
 angry with myself for all my past selfish years.
     My savior prayed with all of his heart,
my prayers were sad, broken and falling apart. 

      I rolled over and awoke, lying in my bed, 
where I'd fallen asleep during the prayer I'd said. 
        I got out of bed, and knelt on the floor, 
Praying for forgiveness and so much more. 

      So, now before I crawl into my bed, 
and let thoughts of the day start flooding my head, 
       I get on my knees and speak to my Lord. 
After all, isn't it only part of what Christ died for?

Prayer is such a privilege. As busy or hard as we say our lives are, I truly believe that we make time for what is important. If we don't have the time for our Lord, maybe we need to step back and look at what we ARE making time for. 

      My heart is convicted to be better in my prayer life. Join me, and let us praise our God everyday, and approach his throne with humble hearts. 

                                                                                                           Love, Sarah



  1. Wow! This is a wonderful poem! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that falls asleep during prayer when they are tired. I never thought about perhaps kneeling and devoting my mind AND body to the prayer. I feel so guilty when I drift off, but never thought of a way to fix it. Thank you for pointing out this easy way to be more reverent in my prayer life!

    1. You are definitely not the only one who falls asleep! I always feel so guilty. Thank you for your encouraging words!


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