Thursday, June 21, 2012

Walking with my feet tied up and my hands folded up.

Well, the healing process has suffered a set back. A trip to the ER Monday gave way to the discovery that there was slight internal bleeding, the start of cellulitis, and a bruised artery (they can bruise??). I was patched up and sent home. I almost slept through Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I can finally say I'm feeling BETTER. Not 100% but actually better and not worse. The most difficult hurdle right now is how damaged my leg is. I have to walk like my feet are tied together and bending my right leg is a nightmare! So, I stumble around the house half walking and half dragging my leg. I look like a zombie!!! I swallowed what little pride I had left and started using a cane to walk. It helps a lot. At least if people see me with a cane they won't think I'm a zombie! Haha! All this trying to get better is like trying to walk with your feet tied in more ways than one. Each move must be calculated and slow or you'll end up on your face! It works literally and metaphorically.
One of the best ways to get the focus off of your own pity party is to think of others. So, I broke out the cards and got to work. There are lots of others hurting all around us. Yes we need to think of our problems to a degree, but it's when we dwell on them that we wade into deep waters. I'm learning a little being out of commission. It really forces you to think about your perspective and if it's time for a revamp. I have gotten a few cards in the mail while being sick and they mean so much. It stirred up my compassion for the others that are sick or hurt, because I can relate. If you could make someone's day with 48cents, would you? It seems like such a small amount to brighten a day, or encourage a soul. Why then do we find it so hard to do? Time? Perhaps. Lazy? At least part of it. Or do we underestimate the power of a kind word? Hmmm.
It's all very interesting to think about. Try this, write someone a note that you are praying for them, then pray for them! How often do we say "I'll pray for (fill in the blank)." then never actually do. Or better yet fall asleep during the half hearted utterances that we call prayer. You know, the type of prayer where it's more of a task because you said you'd do it so you haaaave to as you remember as you crawl into bed. Why not pray for the person with the card in your hands? Sometimes I think we are afraid of prayer.
Imagine someone comes up to you after church and asks you to pray for them about something. Wouldn't it be awesome if RIGHT THEN, we took them aside and prayed? Wouldn't that be powerful?? The great thing is, we don't need an appointment for prayer! We do serve an awesome God. So, even though I feel like I'm walking with my feet tied up, I want to walk with my hands folded prayer.

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  1. Well said! I have been praying for you friend. I love you and hope that things continue to improve. Hoping to see you all very soon!


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