Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh be careful little mind what you think.

Here we are again. Another day has passed. My kids are in bed and my mind is running much faster than my body.

I want to write about something that's been on my mind lately. It kind of goes along with my post about judging others, but not quite.
Friends, I sometimes think we judge Jesus. What I mean by this is, we try to smash Him into a mold to fit OUR ideals and tell others what God thinks of them without considering who He really is. Often people think of Christ as walking highly among the people, not associating with "riffraff", cheats, liars, thieves, prostitutes, or the like. So in turn we set ourselves up on a pedestal and pat our backs while we look down our noses at these "sinners". Those people who obviously can't be as good as we are. We parade around telling people what we are against....but not what we are for. We tell them what they are doing wrong but never stop to see what WE are doing wrong. How. Dare. We.

Christ was a servant to His friends. He washed their feet! He is the ultimate example of humility. He sought out the sinners and brought them love and grace. Many times people would gasp and point fingers because our Lord took time to share Gods love with those that everyone else condemned.

We are ALL sinners. (rom 3:23) But thank the Lord that we can all be forgiven. After living on this Earth and living a very humble life, He died for us.

Don't get me wrong. I fully understand that "Evil company corrupts good morals." What I'm saying is everyone deserves love, and a chance. Who can truly look around at the people you see and say they don't deserve to go to heaven? Who will throw the first stone? The people around us need us to show them the love of Christ so they CAN have a chance to go to heaven. When we turn up our noses and walk away we have sentenced them and judged them.

There will be those who refuse. There will be those who accept. How can you tell by merely judging from the outside. Only God knows the heart.

As Thanksgiving (the forgotten holiday) approaches, I challenge you. Invite someone who will be alone to be part of your family. God will provide you with what you need to carry out his work. Have faith, be bold, and love all.

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