Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mama, who is the devil?

The other night something happened that make me think. My son and I were talking about some random subject that came up. Somehow, that lead to the topic of sin; then the topic of the devil. I don't recall exactly how it came about but I said,"the devil doesn't want us to love God". There was a pause. My son tilted his head and squinted his eyes like he was thinking very hard. He said ,"Mama, who is the devil?"

I was taken back by this question. We mention the devil from time to time but I guess I'd never really told my son who Satan was. How often our enemy is overlooked! I told him that Satan used to be a good angel but he turned bad and his only wish is to trick people into following him so they have to go to "the bad place" where God isn't. My son asked if the devil was the bad guy, and I told him yes. He told me he would love God forever so the bad guy couldn't win. How simple, yet powerful.

So, who is the devil? Far too often we forget how very real Satan is and how well he can be disguised. We want to blame God when things go wrong...but what if that is what Satan wants us to think? Unfortunately the devil will not be obvious or unappealing. He will be very appealing to draw us in. Friends, the devil is hard at work every hour of every day trying to lure us away from the path of God. He uses so many tools to get to us; anger, jealousy, distractions, pride, lust, and even time. Satan wants us to fill our days with activities that are self serving. Sports, games, busy schedules. These things aren't bad, but when they begin to consume so much of your time that serving God or others becomes 2nd place or a burden, then it's a problem.

Jesus said,"the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!"

It is so true! In our world we want to know what the church can do for us. Or what we will get out of worship. We are not the audience in worship....God is! Christ washed the feet of his disciples and served others. Would we wash our brothers feet or do we consider ourselves too good? Or think someone else will do it? Satan would be thrilled if you just waited for someone else to do it.....because you're just too busy.

People spend 7 (ish) hours a day 180 days a year for at least 13 years, in school. If we spend 1 hours a week for 52 weeks studying the bible....we might get in as many hours as we had for the first part of kindergarten....maybe. We need to study. The word of God is our sword and our defense against satan. We must train with it and learn to use it.

Satan is real. He wants you. He knows you. He knows your weaknesses. When we became Christians we made a decision and a commitment. We signed up for battle. Ready your sword and your armor. God is faithful to us. He loves us and wants to have us with him forever.

The Lord's church needs workers. Step up to the plate and out of your comfort zone. God will be there equipping you and cheering you on. The devil will be cringing and trying to scheme his next move. Be prepared. Stay strong and pray long.

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