Sunday, July 29, 2012

A quick post!

This past week has been filled with a lot of activity. Wednesday through Saturday we spent most of the day at the church building in preparation for vbs. We went a little nuts with the decorating.:-)

Some people were there every day. Others popped in for an hour here or there. The thing that impresses upon my heart is the amount of teamwork that went into everything. People of various talents and walks of life came together to put this together. It was refreshing.

People were leaders and workers. There was no fighting or arguing. We all had a common goal and worked as one to achieve it.

While I worked it occurred to me how much I was enjoying it. Not only the work but seeing Christians work together the way they were meant to. I felt like we were unstoppable. Mind you all we were doing was working on VBS stuff, all I could think about was how powerful Christians can be when they work together. Just think of the things we could accomplish! Consider the possibilities!! If we could truly function as one, it would be amazing.
If we could REALLY do what Christ asked us to. If we all lost our self entitled attitudes and actually worked.

I will cut this short and leave you with that thought, as I have much to do. Go get busy!!

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