Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain, brought out the sun.

Where we live it has been several weeks since we have seen rain. The large storm I spoke of a few weeks ago hit south of here while I was visiting but missed our home. As in a lot of other places, our grass has been brown, lifeless and very crunchy. Our garden is always looking sad. Every cloud that goes by, passes with a prayer to drop some rain.

It has been said that this is one of the worst droughts in over 50 years. It makes me think of all the famines the bible speaks of. We had hoped to have been feasting out of our garden by now, but everything is growing so slowly, if at all. We water once in a while, but need to conserve the water we have. Now the word famine makes my mouth feel dry and my stomach growl.

Well, yesterday I was driving home from a dentist appt., when in the distance I saw a dark cloud. Seeing a dark cloud really gets you excited around here. I kept my eye on in and saw that if it kept up, it just might hit us. The cloud grew quite large and and was now worthy or being called a storm cell. Beautiful rain shafts could be seen in the distance.

As I got closer to home, people were out on their lawns in groups. Some were standing and pointing. Others sitting in lawn chairs. All were watching the storm. It looked like it would actually hit us. All the other storms went just north or south of us, but there was hope that this one would make it.

Soon we heard thunder in the distance and my kids started squealing with delight. Even they knew how badly we needed rain.

I pulled into my driveway to find my husband standing outside watching as so many others. The kids and I piled out of the car and joined him. It was so close now that the sky was very dark and the sun and its rays were blotted from view. At this point we felt our hearts would break if the storm didn't reach us.

The wind picked up and blew in some deliciously cool air. Our AC has been broken, so this coolness was welcomed with great thanks.

Dark clouds were over and around us now. Lightening, thunder, rain. I prayed within me for rain...any rain. Then it sprinkled. Then grew into rain and a great downpour.


My husband and I were sending up prayers of thanks. The kids were dancing and singing. Rain. It brought out the sun in a way for us. It went on for a good half hour, much to our delight. We were so happy.

Praise God for the rain.

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