Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No wax left and the oil is low.

Did you ever think of the expression,"I'm burned out"? Did you ever consider what it means? Think of a candle, the wax is the fuel which drives it on. Yet, the candle does not burn for its own purposes. Rather it burns to shine light for those around. It, in a way, sacrifices itself for those around it. That makes it very applicable, doesn't it? Or think of an oil lamp who's fuel needs constant renewing. We are much like that, are we not?

"I'm burned out." It is something I hear more and more from people. Those I don't hear it from, often you can see it on their weary faces. They are the ones who work endlessly to serve others, often without thanks. We all know one of these people or have been one at some time. My heart goes out to them, as I have been there.

It weighs on my heart to see so many people growing weary of doing good. Often a simple thank you would make all the difference. But there are times when people have to fight to do good and it becomes exhausting. Some things burn us up more quickly than others because we must burn more brightly.

What has happened to the workers? Where have they gone? I see so many who sit idly by with self-entitled attitudes. It seems more prevalent then ever. Sometimes I find myself wondering if the general population will ever stop serving themselves and look at the people around them. This is nothing new though. In the Bible we find several instances where people felt alone in their work. This feeling of "woe is me" is a tool being used against us. It is a a pool of dangerous self pity in which we will drown.

Please, encourage someone today. Write a note, send a card, write a text, make a call. Words are powerful. They can cause irreparable damage or they can be a source hope for a lifetime. Aren't sure what to say? That's what hallmark is for! Or simply write "thinking of you". Slap it in an envelope and send it away. If you could save a persons heart from despair, for less than 50 cents, would you? It seems such a small price to pay. Or you can pay a stranger a compliment. Perhaps they have nobody to encourage them.
If you are on the verge of being burned out, you can relate even more and should find a fellow worker to encourage. It will help you too.

To those who feel they have nothing left, you are not alone. Take heart in the fact that I pray for you. I may not know your name or what you do, but God does. Keep your light burning brightly for those around you. Do not conserve your light or keep it dim. Look at the prophet Elijah. He thought he was alone but God told him there were thousands others just like him. Ones who were still doing right and not bowing to idols. Read this in 1 Kings chapter 19.

So please, look at those around you and find someone who needs to be encouraged and step up and encourage them. We are all in this together, so let's help each other make it through. Encourage each other and pray for each other, TODAY.

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