Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's God's, mama.

It's Sunday. The Lords day. In this family it means nothing is planned (except on rare occasion) other than worship, bible class, and family time.

This quarter I am teaching a class for 3-5th grades. Sometimes they spring questions on me that catch me off guard....and I love it. It shows me that they are thinking. Today they asked me "who made God?"

I tried explaining that EVERYTHING on this earth and in our universe has a beginning and an end.. I told them that this is why it is so difficult for people to comprehend that God just always has been. I went on to say that most adults have a hard time understanding. I think it's good for kids to know that adults don't always understand things either.

Well, class continued and we had a good time looking things up in the bible to answer questions. I try to teach the kids that they need to be sure that what they learn is actually the truth, and the way they check is by looking it up in the bible.

After class dismissed it was time to go to the auditorium for worship. So, we seated ourselves and got situated. Rachel went up to sit with the youth group, while Gabe stayed back with my husband and I.

Gabe is your typical 6 yr old little boy. He can't sit still or pay attention for long. He likes anything that has to do with transportation, or construction. Once in a while he does something or says something that lets me know he is taking it all in.

Today he was in question mode. Why? How? Who? So many questions from him!! I kept having to remind him to whisper as worship started.

We sang a few songs, had a devotional before communion, then communion. After communion we have offering, where we can give a portion of what we have been blessed with.

I give each of my kids a small allowance each week. I give it to them with the understanding that part of it goes into the offering and part of it gets saved. The rest they can spend.

Well it was time for offering and I pulled Gabe's dollar out of my wallet. I handed it to him and said ,"YOUR money is in my purse."

Without hesitation he said,"It's God's, mama. It's all really His, he just let's us use it. Isn't that nice?"

Wow. I was speechless. It's humbling to get set straight by your 6yr old.

I had to sit and process the smack down I had just received! He was so right, and I knew it. I kissed him on the head as he smiled and put his dollar folded into an airplane into the offering.

So often we sit there and try to be greedy with our money. I had heard, and even have told my children the very thing that Gabe told me. Yet we forget it so quickly. God is entrusting us with what we have, to see how we will handle it. We are stewards of His money. How would we want someone to use the money we gave them?

As soon as worship was over he was out the door and playing with the other kids. People sometimes look down on kids. It's sad. I think 1 Corinthians 1:27-31 (or the entire chapter:-)), says something very applicable to this situation. It also reminds us that we aren't "all that and a bag of chips". Mark 9:35-37 also comes to mind.

What really got me was my son wasn't saying what he said to show he was better. He didn't say it to make me look dumb or for any prideful motive. He was simply stating the truth, and he did it with love.

I hope we will ask the tough questions, like my class, and not just believe any answer given. I hope everything we say will be out of love. And I hope the next time we look at our bank accounts, we will remember, "it's God's, Mama."

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  1. Awesome! Out of the mouths of babes. We need to pay close attention to what kids have to say. Love it! Gracie looked for Rachel at camp yesterday. She is definitely missed! Erin Slomers was baptized Saturday. Have to share that joy with you!! :) :)


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