Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to be like me.

I had a friend tell me that she wished she could be like me. I was honored, but at the same time I though, oh you poor thing. I thought this would be silly, and once in a while I just like to throw random things out there that are just...out there. SO here you go. You too, can be just like me.

In order to be like me you must follow these steps. Some are short and sweet and others require explanation.

1) Mess up every day.

2) Find humor in your mistakes. ( Or at least try)

3) Don't do ANYTHING while you are mad, or you'll regret it. (as will others around you)

4)Go to a mom's night out and be worried about your hair sticking up everywhere. Then find a hat on the floor of your car and slap it on even though it is pink and sparkly and you are wearing a dingy mustard colored hoodie and stained jeans. Then at the end of the night take go to the restroom and take your hat off. Realize that there has been a toothpick sticking out of the front of your hat the entire time. Ask the other moms if they noticed and you all giggle as they say 'yes'.

5) Learn it's better to go out with messy hair than grabbing a hat off the floor of your car.

6) Dream big

7) over-commit, and don't get distracted......what was I saying...

8)Worry about things you know don't really matter.

9)Keep a journal. One sugar coated one, and one that will be worthy of a film in a hundred years (dream big).

10)Write random poetry everywhere and never really show it to anyone.

11)Let the battery in your scales die. Bury them (the batteries) in the back yard and convince yourself that in memory of those batteries you cannot replace them.

27)Make mistakes.

12ish) NEVER wear make up because you feel you must.

13) Laugh until your sides hurt about things that absolutely nobody else finds funny. Then laugh harder because people are laughing only because you are laughing.

14) Learn that how you act is contagious.

15) Feel inadequate in everything you do, but feel completed in God.

16)Expose your heart on the internet, come what may.

17)Promise you'll learn to say no......eventually.............. one day..........maybe......sorta.........

18)  Kiss and hug your kids and spouse as many times a day as they will allow.

19)Love God.

20)Be yourself......not me. :-) (because I can't be me without friends like you)

We are all wonderfully created by God. Every detail of who you are has been crafted by a God who LOVES you. I am so glad you are you. I'm so glad that there aren't more of me on this Earth....I'd drive me nuts.

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