Saturday, December 15, 2012

This is when.

Tragedy. Pain. Unimaginable acts. Sometimes I wish that God had not given mankind free will. The free will to chose right or wrong. However, God wants us to CHOOSE to love him, and so we have our free will. This place we dwell is earth and evil is in it. We aren't in heaven yet, so we still have the pain of grief, and pain sin can cause.

I have cried countless tears, prayed with passion and asked many questions. Take heart. There is hope.


This is when I know that God is there. When I see millions of people mourning together, putting differences aside. When every day people become heroes. When darkness tries to blot out light and life, but good shines even brighter than before. I know God is there because he comforts those who are broken by this act of evil. God put courage in the hearts of those who protected others.

This is when I know life is short. Priorities get straightened and things change. I look at the stars and know each time it could be my last. I think of all the lives that were taken, and weep.

This is when I cry out to God. When I know there is no other who can heal the damage done, or the lives forever changed.

This is when good wins. Evil won the battle but good will win the war. The sheer number of people, who knew nothing of this small town or the people in it who are coming to the aid shows that good is stronger and will prevail.

This is when I hold my children. I myself have 2 children, one who sat in his own kindergarten class that day. It hit me hard. I hold them and almost feel guilty that I'm so blessed.

This is when prayer becomes every breath. When I pray every other thought for everyone.

This is when we know love. Love God pours out through people. Good people.

This is when I will let my light shine brighter than before.

This is when forgiveness seems so much easier for all those things we have held on to, as well as ask for forgiveness.

My life will never be the same. Let us hold tight to each other and to God. Let us pray and mourn, together. Then, when it is time, let's us begin to pick up the pieces....together.

This moment, and all others, we have hope.

I pray for you and grieve in the deepest parts of my heart and soul for you, Connecticut.

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